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Security and mobility regulations

Protection against mobility threats. Preventative communications checks and identity management/SSO. Security audits and GDPR compliance.

OFFSHORETECH has a wide and deep expertise in deployment and control of critical information in mobility. The productivity of the mobile worker requires being permanently connected, anywhere with a single device, through professional and personal apps. These highly demanding requirements, in addition to the proliferation of millions of apps in the industry and the exponential increase of attacks that have been detected in companies through their mobile devices depicts a risky economic and legal environment for the company.

The most relevant factor to keep in mind when implementing a defence protocol against threats is that the mobility ecosystem evolves very quickly while its base technologies are not mature enough. Accordingly, there is no universal solution to cover all the needs of all companies in terms of mobile security. The freedom of use we give the mobile users will condition their productivity, as well as the amount of IT services we deliver to them. In any case, one thing is clear: the more freedom we give, the more preventative actions we must take. Therefore, an appropriate management and operation of the mobile fleet will be strongly related to the safety of the ecosystem. The mobility management and the defence against threats are services which are alive, constantly learning and evolving. These involve several technologies and keep the administrators and users constantly updated with news that could impact the security of the overall environment.

To protect our client’s information while in mobility, OFFSHORETECH provides a full set of solutions and services based on Mobile Safety alongside four dimensions:

  • Endpoint protection: visualization and supervision of security and compliance policies in mobile devices. Configuration of solutions to avoid data leakage (DLP) and deployment of specialized Electronic Data Protection (EDP) software to timely detect vulnerabilities.
  • Communications protection: mobile traffic monitoring (safe browsing), voice solutions and encrypted messaging.
  • Access control: verification of the device position, user identity and apps with access to systems containing corporate information.
  • Threat analysis: analysis of vulnerabilities detected in the company’s mobile ecosystem, with real-time monitoring and alarms.

At the same time, the OFFSHORETECH consulting team has many specialized services in the evaluation and optimization of the mobile ecosystem that leads to key issues such as:

  • Development of the corporate mobility policy, including aspects of safety and acceptable use, for mobile corporate fleet and BYOD.
  • EMM implementation auditing, focused on the risk assessment and implementation of Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions.
  • GDPR auditing
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