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Mobility strategies

Definition of “Mobility Strategy”: Development of roadmaps, governance design and the process of operational management mobility.

OFFSHORETECH services are aimed to simplify, unify and give reliability to your mobility services, so your mobile workers can work anywhere at any time. The specific consulting services help our clients to develop a full enterprise mobility plan subject to your needs:


  • Validation and implementation plan of BYOD programs.
  • Specialized workshops in enterprise mobility to define a strategy matrix of apps and services.
  • Fostering and promoting innovative initiatives and programs.
  • Gathering the IT and business line leadership as well as the feedback captured from user surveys.
  • Planning a coherent mobility strategy according to the industry best practices.


OFFSHORETECH is fully engaged in accelerating the evolution of our clients’ mobility programs. As a leading and qualified company, our consulting services analyse and provide advice for enterprise mobility. All our consulting projects are strictly structured from a defined set of standard consulting modules, delivered by experts on mobility strategies and business plans. However, the recommendations and deliverables are specific for every client, according to their current situation and specific needs
An essential element of the services delivery is collecting general information, specific data and feedback from people who decide or have responsibility for the aspects that affect the mobility of the company.

Thus, OFFSHORETECH offers its clients many specialized services both to evaluate the mobility environment maturity, as to design their mobility roadmap and also depict a complete pattern of the mobility program based on the typology of the mobile fleet and the kind of services delivered to each group of users.

Under the governance point of view, OFFSHORETECH delivers analytical services intended to optimize support processes for mobility, company mobility policies development and cost analysis.

Finally, OFFSHORETECH also offers services oriented to the business line mobile employees and the optimization of their productivity, delivering support for audit and testing of in-house developed apps or third-party solutions.

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