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Mobility managed services (MMS)

Manage of mobile workstation: devices (EMM), Wireless communications and mobilized corporate services. Audit, implementation and management of corporate Wi-Fi networks.

In OFFSHORETECH/GEMA we offer our customers advice from the best experts to keep them uptadated with the latest technologies and functions that the enterprise mobility can give. We help our clients to outsource the costly but necessary R+D of our field. Global management with local support.

In a field with such a constant and fast evolution as the business mobility, being up-to- date with new technologies and best practices in terms of implementation and management of the information of mobile parks is a real challenge for the IT departments, so experts in this industry highly recommend the outsourcing of the management services, as well as Operation and support for specialized companies as OFFSHORETECH and GEMA group.

Mobility Managed services (MMS) comprehend the IT management and all the steps in the process in which a company needs to purchase, provide and support Smartphones, tablets and other Wireless connectivity devices. Even when the current market is typically focused on devices which are property of the company, the MMS also provide an important level of control of employees’ devices, in specific, of those workers who have access to the company’s electronic resources.

Gartner consultancy analyses every year in its “Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services” the main companies, in the field, which provide this kind of services. Quadrants from GEMA group are taken into consideration from its first version in 2013.

The key services offered in this field involve projects related to the exploitation of a mobility ecosystem, which include mobile devices, Corporate Wi-Fi Network, email, apps, content mobilization, along with an extreme-extreme support for both users and administrators. These services are:

  • Audit, Implementation, Managing and Operation of infrastructures EMM,
    a part from complimentary solutions.
  • Solutions for the business plan, attending to local needs or by departments.
  • Support to BYOD initiatives through local experts who know perfectly the
    market and operators.
  • Support to company global policy, considerating the culture from
    each country.
  • A 24/7 Multilanguage user support program
  • Exclusive support services for VIP users.
  • Preventive maintenance of deployed infrastructures.
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